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Welcome to Our Web site!

Hello my name is Larry and I am from Jonestown, Pennsylvania...

Like most people, I have many hobbies and projects that stem from being married, raising a family, and owning a house.

My wife Linda and ! have raised two daughters who have graduated both High School and college, have gone out on their own to successfully pursue their careers, set up housekeeping, and earn money to support themselves, and my retirement which is approaching way too quickly. They are raising families, doing very well and we are very proud of them in all their ventures.  That being said, My wife and I are left to take care of our animals, ourselves, and our future visions. Our schintzel  "Snickers" aka "Lil Fat Guy" was a 13 year old "Mini" (ha) Weiner Dog that required our continued attention as he was the only other "Baby" left to take care of.     ( R.I.P. SNICKERS 07/04/09)     


Our Koi Ponds give us peace of mind in the summer and down time with our daily lives and are quite enjoyable to sit around in the evening and enjoy a beverage or two. Some of our many hobbies which work to keep our sanity include: Computers, genealogy, wine and beer making, weather watching, camping, hunting, and site seeing. Recently we have added motorcycle touring, and Geocaching as summertime  and fall events. We have joined a motorcycle riding club( The Southern Cruisers ) which is a family oriented and charity sponsoring group of riders which we look forward to many years of touring with.  Being a Maintenance and fleet mechanic by trade, and a home owner along with having a wife with an eye for design and "Head pusher Boss" as you can imagine, leaves us very little time for getting bored or into trouble.

I have made this site which is being hosted on our own home server, to inform everyone concerned what we are doing, what is happening, and where we might be, just in case we need to be found. While this may be the best source to see where we might be or might be doing, it is by no means 100 % accurate. ( by choice ) We also have a private life. ( Grin ).

Take a look around our site and enjoy what we have to share, While it is not much, It is us!!!!

Thanx for your visit....

Larry and Linda

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